What a day!!

Okay, it started out reasonably well, the kids went to school and I settled down to sort out a Facebook page, a twitter account and get them linked to everything else … I am not a geek, php,cs and whatever else was involved did not ‘just slot in’ I was sweating blood!!

I hate interruptions. Apart from this one, the guys have turned up to sort out our wonderful Solar panels … Oh yeah!! cheap(er) electricity. They will be back with some scaffolding in a couple of days. I can get the guttering sorted at the same time.

Did the school run, Oh boy where did these people learn to drive or more importantly park or not park? “Oh I’ll stop right about HERE” seems to be the order of the day. Good grief, I could get 3 cars, an arctic and a safari of great white hunters in the same space you have just used to ‘park’ your Corsa.

My webmaster/resident geek (or is it nerd? I can never remember) Marc, fixed all my IT problems with consummate ease and a couple of mouse clicks. Thank you and no I’m not paying you today!!

The little ones are off playing Hockey for the last time before the Autumn season begins. Nikki is back from playing in the mud, or whatever she does at the allotment and my stomach tells me I’d better get dinner ready.

What do you think?