About Me

Welcome to this small part of Cyberspace.


My name is Tim Grenville-Cleave and this is my Blog and Showcase for Turnings ‘n’ Toys.

Within these pages you will find my thoughts on anything and everything I find interesting, thought provoking or just downright funny plus things that I have made in my little workshop (actually it’s a shed but workshop sounds better)

If you should feel the burning desire to own or order something you see here, then please contact me, I would be more than happy to exchange it for legal coin of the Realm.

I am a former Royal Marine and live close to the south coast of Dorset with my wife and family. My interests are computing, reading, a rather eclectic taste in music, woodturning and carving.

Having realised that I had no useful ‘transferable skills’ from my former life as a Marine that any employer would find attractive and with a lot of encouragement from friends and family, we decided to turn my hobby of playing with wood and woodturning into something that would help pay the bills, so Turnings ‘n’ Toys was born.

I produce a wide range of things, from the turners favorites like mushrooms, acorn boxes and hollow forms to bowls that don’t hold soup and a range of pens.

I am also starting to make toys based on the sort of thing that I played with as a small child (which was a considerable time ago, before anyone says anything!!) long before everything was plastic and used mountains of batteries.

I guess you could include Rocking Horses as toys but I prefer to think of them as Heirlooms. A Rocking Horse is gift that can be passed down through the family from children through grandchildren to great grandchildren and beyond. There are sizes and styles to suit everyone from toddlers to adults and each one is an individual, there will never be another one the same. Oh and they are not as expensive to maintain as a real horse or pony either, Believe me I know!! The only downside … there is nothing to feed the rose beds with.

I intend to make use of the County Shows along with the Arts and Craft Fairs to display my work as well as here on this site. I know that being able to see and touch something especially when made of wood, is far better than looking at a photograph. So I am going to be busy preparing items to display.

Rocking Horses and some of the Pens in my range will only be made to order, although I will have examples that can be seen ‘in real life’.

Watch this space!!

What do you think?