Chicken Run

No, sorry folks, it’s not a screening of the film. Just a couple of thoughts and pictures of the latest project for the Garden.

Right, firstly I need a new Shed/Workshop/Bunker. Secondly it needs to be bigger than my present hovel and lastly the chicken run is in the way. Ergo the chickens get to have some new accommodation!!

So,to make room for my new shed the present chicken run needs to go. I could just uproot it and move it but that would be far too easy, well, maybe not. Removing and then reusing chicken wire is not a good idea. Have you ever tried it? No? Then take it from me. It is not a good idea!!

A quick plan was worked out, not on the back of a fag packet this time, seeing as I am no longer a user of tobacco products I vape instead. (that’s another story).  A pile of goodies were ordered from a local Builders Merchant which arrived a couple of days ago. Guess what, half of it can go back!! When you order timber in 4.8Mt lengths 4.2Mts just won’t do!! I digress, The Metaposts are okay and the 1800mm X 75mm X 75mm timber posts are just as ordered.

Today the sun came out, Nikki and the kids went off to clip and ride a friends horses. No! Not at the same time … Anyway, I set to, using the patio table as a workbench I lined up the posts measured at least 3 times and then powered up the saw. Half an hour later I had cut the slots and the waste chiseled out … Yes!! stage one completed and surprise, surprise no blood!! I know that may come as a shock for those of you who know me and I must admit I had to take a second look as I didn’t believe it myself. RESULT!!!

As usual I forgot to take photos until halfway through and those I took are not good, but for posterity here are the ones I did take.

Framing TimbersTops of PostsLower slots in posts

What do you think?