I make pens, I use a wide variety of things, wood for one and believe me there is a huge range of woods to choose from saying that, not every wood  is suitable but I can advise on that. I use acrylic and polyester as well, these will withstand rougher treatment but can be as stunning to look at and use as any exotic wood pen.

I have spent long hours tracking down a supplier of high quality mechanisms to use in my pens and pencils and can offer several different finishes, chrome, gold or even rhodium in some styles.

Pens are nice! A hand made pen or set can make a wonderfully personal gift for a loved one or if you enjoy writing, then there is nothing better than the feel of creating your letter or even that novel with a comfortable well made pen that will last a lifetime.

A fountain pen and roller ball set that was made as a parting gift for a teacher:

Acrylic pen set

2012-07-16 16.12.49

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