Minor computer panic moment

My new computer a.k.a. ‘The Beast’ was treated to a RAM upgrade this morning, or rather, an attempt was made to insert another 8Gb. To start with everything went normally, until the time came to reboot … But to our horror it went into a reboot loop, meaning it started to boot then after a few seconds switched off and automatically tried again and again and again. Are you getting the picture?? PANIC!!! Powered the thing down and started a massive head scratching session. It’s the right type of RAM, in the right slots, Why then isn’t it working?? Then doubt set in. Were the RAM chips dead on arrival? (not unheard of) Were the Motherboard slots U/S? Single Channel or Dual Channel? Had we ordered the wrong chips?  More head scratching and reading of manuals. Marc shot off to his machine and promptly gave Google a serious headache trying to find every bit of information ever uploaded on Gigabyte Motherboards and Ram insertion problems, all to no avail. Each of the 4 memory chips were tested in a known to be working slot and all checked out okay. One more attempt was made with all chips in place and … YES!!! the Beast sprang into life without a problem and a quick bit of interrogation showed 16Gb present and correct. Where was the problem??? Don’t ask me, I haven’t got a clue. All I can say is that it’s working. I have noticed a minor downside though. My ubergeek son has suddenly developed an unhealthy desire to partake in some video editing, which, I am informed can only be accomplished using MY Computer. Is nothing sacred??

What do you think?