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Interesting Times!!!

Well, that’s one way of putting it!! No, I’m not going to deluge you with floods of tears or waves of malcontent or even blow you away with forecasts of doom and gloom. For once I’m feeling buoyed up with the opportunity presented to the family by the weather that … Continue reading

Chicken Run

No, sorry folks, it’s not a screening of the film. Just a couple of thoughts and pictures of the latest project for the Garden. Right, firstly I need a new Shed/Workshop/Bunker. Secondly it needs to be bigger than my present hovel and lastly the chicken run is in the way. … Continue reading

Minor computer panic moment

My new computer a.k.a. ‘The Beast’ was treated to a RAM upgrade this morning, or rather, an attempt was made to insert another 8Gb. To start with everything went normally, until the time came to reboot … But to our horror it went into a reboot loop, meaning it started … Continue reading


and that’s putting it mildly, VERY mildly!!! This great time-saving wonder machine that is supposed to help folks with their everyday life is (very shortly) going to get a good kicking. For some obscure reason, known only to ubergeeks and those with the brain the size of a planet, my … Continue reading

I hate Mondays …

And so far this one has lived up to my expectations. For some unexplainable reason my Facebook, Gmail, PayPal and Twitter accounts have all been ‘attacked’. fortunately no access was gained anywhere, so I have spent the last couple of hours changing passwords. Okay, so I am not using 256 … Continue reading

What will today bring …

Well, it’s Saturday, the sun is out (makes a change) and I feel a whole lot more motivated than I did yesterday. I am looking forward to meeting an old friend, Richard again after far too many years. He is a photographer, and knows what he’s talking about whereas I … Continue reading

Exeter here I come …

Well the kids lunches are done, I have the miniature horse packed along with a few other odds & sods ready to go. Weather here is dull and overcast, I’m hoping it’s going to be a little better at the show.

What a day!!

Okay, it started out reasonably well, the kids went to school and I settled down to sort out a Facebook page, a twitter account and get them linked to everything else … I am not a geek, php,cs and whatever else was involved did not ‘just slot in’ I was … Continue reading