Yippee it’s Friday.

BUT,  I hate overcast days … they are just so depressing. I have no idea where my ‘get up and go’ went but if anybody finds it please send it back a bit sharpish!!

Okay so how was the Devon Show? Not bad at all, It’s a permanent site so there are tarmac roads, paths and signposts everywhere. It makes life so much easier for everyone, not just those of us with mobility problems. I still have hideous memories of the Dorset show a couple of years back, ankle-deep in thick cloying mud. Wheelchairs and kiddies buggys’ were next to impossible to use, it was bad enough with crutches!! Anyway, my reason for going to Exeter in the first place was to support St Loyes, a charity that does a great deal for people with disabilities. They run a course called Transitions, aimed at helping former service people move back into civilian life. I attended a course last year and for me at least, it was a great success.

I have spent the morning hunting for turning supplies to build up my stocks of Pens, bottle stoppers etc. Why oh why are all the real quality products made in the USA????  Regardless, I will be getting my stuff from the States, I would rather explain the reasons and pricing for using FDA (American Food and Drink Administration) standard Stainless Steel fittings over cheaper chrome plated ones  than have people complain that their stoppers are rusting!! You get what you pay for springs to mind. I intend to supply the highest quality products that I can.

What do you think?